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An Entirely NEW Way To Experience The Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils...
Whether You're An Essential Oils Newbie or You're An Experienced User,
You Can Instantly Benefit From Essential Oils Without Having To Learn Any Complicated Bio-chemistry Or High-Level Aromatherapy...
How Did You First Get Introduced To Essential Oils?
Do you remember how you were first introduced to these amazing gifts from Mother Nature?  

Perhaps like me, you were introduced to them by a friend.  

I don't know about you but I had NO IDEA where to start, how to safely use essential oils, or even how to apply them.  

The more interested I got in Essential Oils the more overwhelmed I became....

Perhaps you can relate...
I'm Much More Savvy These Days and Know All Kinds Of Ways To Use Essential Oils But I Wondered If There Was An Easier Way More People Could Benefit From Essential Oils Without Having To Go Through The Learning Curve I Did...

What If There Was An Essential Oil Easy Button?

I wondered how to remove the complexity, reduce the learning curve, and make the entire process of falling in love with essential oils so much easier.  

After consulting with certified aromatherapists and experimenting for years, we found our solution and we are proud to present it to you!  
Introducing An All-New Way To Expand Your Essential Oil Knowledge!
Introducing The Ready Made Essential Oil Blend Of The Month Program
Whether You’re New To Essential Oils Or a Seasoned Veteran, Our Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of the Month Club Allows You To Expand Your Collection Conveniently and Affordably...
The Problem With Essential Oils - THEY'RE EXPENSIVE!
Producing the purest of oils can be very costly because it may require several hundred pounds, or even several thousand pounds, of plant material to extract 1 pound of pure essential oil...

A LOT of Plant Matter Must Be Collected To Create a Small 10 ML Bottle of Pure Essential Oil

For example, 

1 pound of pure Melissa oil sells for $9,000-$15,000. Although this sounds quite expensive, you must realize that 3 tons of plant material are required to produce that single pound of pure essential oil...

The distillation process creates pure Essential Oil and while it's in a tiny little container don't forget that it took a LOT of materials to make that small bottle of amazing essential oil.  
Before You Say “No” To Essential Oils Because They're
Too Expensive, You Might Want To Reconsider!

I am encouraging you to really think about how much money you spend on candles, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, body care products, and over the counter health products…many of which are TERRIBLE for you! 

All of those little purchases for each product you buy at your local grocery or drug store really add up, and most likely end up costing you more in the end! 

Just think about how easy it is to spend $25.00 or more in one simple trip to the store. Then, think about how many simple trips to the store you might make in a week or one month. It really adds up! 

Not to mention, the less than healthy chemicals in some of those products can be harming you and your family.  

When you think about it, is investing in high quality essential oils really too much money for your budget? 

Or does it just feel like it is too much money (because it is one simple purchase VERSUS the several you may currently make in that very short amount of time)? Essential Oils should REPLACE some of the things you currently purchase (not be an additional cost)!

Essential oils (and products you can make from them) are simple and require minimal effort to use. Essential oils are an amazing natural alternative to many of the products you're already buying.
But There are Other Problems With
Investing In Essential Oils...

Buying a Big Bottle of An Expensive Essential Oil Can Be a BIG Commitment...

When I first got introduced to Essential Oils I made the mistake of buying a full size 10 ML bottle of an expensive Essential Oil because of a friend's recommendation.  

Turns out I wasn't a real big fan of that particular oil...

It took me a LOOOOOOOONG time to get through that one bottle that I wasn't even a big fan of...

I was pretty disappointed...


I was stuck with a big bottle of an essential oil I didn't know how to use and that I wasn't particularly fond of...


On top of that, I wasn't very excited about investing $30, $60 or even more than $200 for an Essential Oil or Blend I wasn't even sure what to do with.  

I was hesitant to commit to a Big bottle of an expensive essential oil without even knowing the best way to apply it, how to safely use it, and make sure I wasn't wasting my investment.  

I then discovered small 2 ML sample bottles of
various essential oils and essential oil blends...

Small 2 ML bottles like this let me try essential oils and blends without as much risk (and for a fraction of the investment)...

These smaller Dram bottles were PERFECT for me!  

They let me try a lot more different essential oils faster (especially the more expensive oils that I couldn't afford a 10 ML bottle of), learn how they work and the amazing benefits, while minimizing the downside.  :-)

Whether you are brand new to essential oils or a seasoned vet, I still think investing in more diverse Essential Oil blends is a great idea.  

You may discover New Essential Oil blends you might not have tried before and actually enjoy much more!  

It's for those reasons and the others listed below that we created the Ready Made Blend of the Month program!  
Our Ready Made Blend Of The Month Club Will Introduce You To An Array of NEW Carefully Handcrafted Essential Oil Blends Each and Every Month!
When you decide to join you'll get a new 2 ML 'Ready Made Blend' each and every month.  You are sure to love the amazing 100% pure, highest quality essential oils that are part of our Ready Made Blend of the Month Club!
Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of This NEW Program...

Helps You Discover New Essential Oil Blends Each And Every Month

Discover The Best Combinations Of Essential Oils You Haven't Ever Tried Before!  

Escape The Boredom Of Using The Same Old Essential Oils All The Time

There are so many amazing essentials oils and this program will help you get out of the rut of using the "same old, same old" oils and introduce you to some new ones.  

Gives You A Low-risk Way To Find NEW Essential Oils And Essential Oil Blends You May Love

With the low monthly investment this program Makes It Easy To Try New Essentials Oil Blends That You May Never Have Tried Otherwise. 

Your new Ready to Use Blend of the month will arrive in a 2 ML bottle so it's big enough to let you try something amazing without being stuck with a big 10 ML bottle of something you might not care for.   

Gets You More Variety In Essential Oil Blends To Diffuse

It's been said variety is the spice of life! Let's face it, some of these amazing essential oils are VERY expensive and we will be able to introduce you to some new oils that you might not have otherwise tried.

How To Find A Deeper Love For A Wider Array Of Essential Oil Blends...

There are an infinite number of essential oil blends and with this program, it's kind of like knowing that well-connected friend who just seems to know everyone at a party. 

She goes around introducing you over and over to new and amazing people. We are like that friend for Essential Oil Blends.


When you get your Ready to Use Blend of the Month you will excitedly open the package, read the enclosed note card that reveals to you the ingredients in that fabulous blend, and then you can give it a try! 

You can put it in a Diffuser necklace, diffuser pendant, car diffuser, an Aroma Inhaler, or even an Ultrasonic Diffuser! Simple as that!

Expand Your Knowledge About Essential Oil Blends!

Every month you will not only receive the blend but you will also Learn How to Make the blend!  The enclosed Ready Made Essential Oil Blend Recipe Card will give you the instructions on how to make this amazing blend.  

You'll be able to keep and collect the Blend recipe of the month and as you find New ones that you LOVE, you can make it anytime you want on your own!   

Effortlessly Discover How Different Essential Oils Blend Together To Create Amazing New Combinations

As you get into the program you will be happy to find new and different essential oil blends!  

There are so many essential oils you haven't tried yet and this amazing new program will help you effortlessly discover brand new essential oil blends!  

No Commitment - Unsubscribe at Any Time!

You can start this program today and we'll ship your first order out. Stay subscribed as long as you like!
Cancellation is simple and easy - just email our support team and they will respond within 24 hours. 
Grow Your Essential Oil Collection While Discovering New and Different Essential Oil Blends That You Will Love Each and Every Month!  
  • Convenience - Get a new diffuser blend, fast and hassle-free, without even having to blend the essential oils yourself.  We do that hard part for you!  
  • Easy To Use - As soon as you get your ready made diffuser blend of the month you can start using it within minutes!   You could either put a couple drops on the cotton pad in your diffuser pendant necklace, or fill up your ultrasonic diffuser with some water and a couple drops of your New Blend to enjoy the amazing aroma!  
  • Best-In-Class Service - Each month we'll promptly package up your new Ready made blend inside protective packing and send it with love to you.  
Don't Delay If You Want In...
We Are Launching This To ONLY 200 Beta Testers First Before Expanding The Program To a Larger Audience...

Here's the deal...

We weren't really sure how successful this program would be out of the gates so we decided to start
with enough essential oils to create 200 of these ready made diffuser blends each month.  

This quantity will increase in the future IF you and your fellow essential oil lovers enjoy the program and the popularity demands it, but for now, we have only 200 spots in this program.

Spots in this program are first come, first served -
so if you want in, don't delay on this...

Be forewarned...

We are planning on launching this program first to our customers...

and then to our Free email subscriber lists BEFORE opening it to the public so we suspect that spots will go rather quickly.  

We apologize in advance if you try to sign up and all 200 spots have already been taken.  

Rest assured, we will do our best to get greater quantities of essential oils from our Farmers and Distillers.  

The only way to see if spots are still available is to click the link below.   

We Have Two Options If You'd Like To Take This Program For a Test Drive...
Choose The Option That Works Best For You On The Next Page

Option 1 - The Basic Program

This is a great option if you want to broaden your essential oil horizons!

With this option you will get one 2-ML Dram Bottle of the Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month!  Every month you will receive a hand crafted Essential Oil blend that our team created for you.  
You will also receive 1 Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month Recipe Card so you can discover what awesome essential oils went into creating that month's blend.  

You will then be able to re-create that blend anytime you want!  

Option 2 - The Deluxe Option (BEST VALUE!)

If you want even more of a good thing then this is the option for you!  

With this option you will get DOUBLE the amount of Essential Oil Blend!!

Instead of the 2-ML bottle you will get a 4-ML Bottle of Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month! Every month you will receive a hand crafted Essential Oil blend that our team created for you and you will have even more of it to go around!  
You will also receive the Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month Recipe Card so you can discover what awesome essential oils went into creating that month's blend.  

You will then be able to re-create that blend anytime you want!  
Choose The Option That Works
Best For You On The Next Page...
  • One 2-ML Dram Bottle of the Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month 
  • One Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month Recipe Card
  • An amazing value!
($14.95 + $3.95 S & H)
  • DOUBLE THE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND!  You will get a 4-ML Dram Bottle of the Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month!   
  • 1 Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month Recipe Card!  
  • An additional savings of 10% over the Basic option
($26.90/mo + $3.95 S & H)
How The Program Works...
Get What You Love

Get a NEW ready made essential oil blend of the month and recipe card sent to you every month on autopilot!

Try Small Samples

By subscribing you will be able to sample small 2ML (or 4ML), dram bottles of awesome Essential Oil blends to see if you love them!

Expand Your Collection

Every month you will discover new and exciting essential oil blends that you will fall in love with! 

100% Guaranteed

We are here to help. And if you don't love it, cancel any time.

It's simple...

When you sign up today our team will be notified and we will ship you out your very first Ready Made Essential Oil blend of the month and Ready Made Essential Oil Blend Recipe Card! 

You will receive the Ready Made Essential Oil Blend within 5-7 Days... (and you'll be happy that you ordered it!)

Then, every 30 Days you will receive a New Ready Made Essential Oil Blend in the mail!  

As your collection expands you could use different Essential Oil blends for different occasions or at different times of the day. 

We believe everyone should continuously expand their knowledge about Essential Oils and all the amazing blends that are available and this awesome program will help you do that.  

To try this program out simply pick the Basic or Deluxe version Button below...

  • One 2-ML Dram Bottle of the Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month 
  • One Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month Recipe Card
  • An amazing value!
($14.95 + $3.95 S & H)
  • DOUBLE THE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND!  You will get a 4-ML Dram Bottle of the Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month!   
  • 1 Ready Made Essential Oil Blend of The Month Recipe Card!  
  • An additional savings of 10% over the Basic option
($26.90/mo + $3.95 S & H)
Join our growing community of Essential Oil enthusiasts
More Positive Feedback

"I was truly impressed with my first purchase from instant Essentials! I never leave reviews either so if I'm leaving a review it's got to be something good!"

- Michelle Cox

"I purchased the Tree of Life, in fact I bought three! I was not disappointed, they are truly great quality! Very pleased! I have purchased from Instant Essentials prior to buying so I knew the quality of their products." 

- Josephine Clark

"Got my order in perfect shape.  The oils were nice and cool.  I received the most beautiful Tree of Life as well.  You'll get a 10 for all your hard work! " 

- Terry Blackwell 

"EXCELLENT Quality Diffuser - the surgical steel is flawless and so beautifully designed!!" 

- Connie Maden 

"I just received my Tree of Life diffuser and am in love with it! I haven't taken it off since I got it. I'm really impressed with the quality since it was so reasonably priced! Thank you!" 

- Lori Smith Doud

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